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Case, you should Lori Thomas, the software Silicon the valley of executive power, as it goes over career in the restaurant business as executive vice-President of the a small company, management of the restaurant in the San Francisco. In particular, in case covers a background of Thomas and introduction in the company and its a decision to come on board full working day. When she takes over the company, she discovers a number of problems, which have been occurs under the founder and she should make several of important decisions at early stages. So, then allocates few questions related with an employee, what happens in one of the restaurants and the various possible options Thomas holds for struggle with them. The following case encompasses events company Proximity where Thomas collided with a certain of negative feedback from its immediate subordinates. The case of concludes with Thomas the consideration of various variants of at it in the struggle with various problems in the company. «Hide
on Dick Allen, Jocelyn Hornblower's Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 11 pages of. Publication Date: October 15, 2009. Prod. #: E344-PDF-ENG

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