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This is to certify that the report prepared regarding the case study is entirely and fully completed by the members of the group. The analysis done is entirely based upon the material and the data provided in the case study and all the team members of the group have contributed and supplemented equally for the efforts to complete the task.

Question 1:


The analysis of the case study regarding the issues and challenges faced by the management of the company reveals that the business is in a very peculiar situation to say the least to the seriousness of the challenges.

The issues and challenges that the senior management of the company are facing in terms of stabilizing the performance of the company are multiple and differentiating based upon the inefficiencies they belong to among the management of the business to the culture and the structure of the business that contribute towards it.

Some of the major issues and challenges that the business is facing and the management of the company needs to address and attend immediately are absence of priority on quality for the services that the business provides to the customers in the target markets and industry segments, increased rivalry and competition in the industry, economic crisis and frequent recessions in the target markets, the declining shares value and stock prices of the company, inefficient and ineffective decision making from the senior management of the company and the lack of motivation among the workforce and employees of the company.


The decline observed in the share value of the business is an abnormal 80% roughly over the few years as the share price of the organization has declined from well over $20 to roughly $2 per share. This has seriously dented the efforts of financial stability of the business due to the scarcity of capital investments by the independent investors in the markets.

The three most critical causes for the loss of interest of the independent investors are the declining operating margins and revenues of the business, the ever increasing selling and administration expenses of the organization that further reduces the net margins of the business and the overwhelming debt ratio of the business.


The ineffective and inefficient decision making and management of the business by the senior management of the company is another issue that has negatively affected the performances of the business units of the company over the years and the market position of the organization has further declined due to it. The management of the organization has failed to maintain a feasible balance for the acquisition strategy of the business and this has led to too many business units that have not been properly integrated in terms of being a part of the organization with respect to the goals, mission and culture of the business.


The analysis of the case study reveals that the lack of motivation and belongingness among the employees and workforce of the organization has further reduced the acuteness of the operations and services that the business provides to its target customer base in the markets.

Some of the major issue in the employee and workforce management of the organization are the outdated and ineffective employee management systems, lack of clarity for the roles and responsibilities among the employees. The absence of any benefits for the employees and the improper training provided to them are also a serious concern for the management of the company in order to maintain and effective and motivated workforce for the business............

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