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Emergent Bio-solution (EBS) is a specialized pharmaceutical company and it offers specialized products to the health care providers and the government. Emergent offers specialized medicines to treat the emerging and rare diseases. The main objective of the company is to provide and protect the life. Emergent does this through several ways; it has a large research and development department which researches on continuous basis to come up with the new products that can serve the millions of people throughout the world. The company’s products are well distributed in two categories, one is Biodefense products and the other one is commercial products.

Emergent is a multinational company; however its headquarters is based in Gaithers burg, Maryland. There are a lot of products of Emergent. The notable product of company is Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed. Emergent also manufactures pharmaceuticals for adults and children. In the Bio defense category, the treatment is mainly focused on infectious disease, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.


  1. 1.      Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Alexion is a biopharmaceutical company
  • Developing and delivering life transforming therapies for patients with rare diseases
  • Its successful product is Soliris (Eculizumab)
  • Alexion has worldwide presence.
  • The share price of Alexion pharmaceutical as of 29 Sept 2015 is $147.75
  1. 2.      Amgen Inc.
  • Amgen is another biotechnology company
  •  It is engaged in discovering, developing, manufacturing and delivering human therapeutics.
  • Amgen is also involved in continuous research with its world known researchers.
  •  Amgen’s medicines treat serious illness which normally treatment cannot do. Amgen has worldwide presence.
  • The share price of Amgen Inc. as of 29 Sept 2015 is $133.82
  1. 3.      Celgene Corp.
  • It is engaged in the discovering, developing and commercialization of therapies to treat cancer and inflammatory diseases through gene and protein regulation.
  • The company’s major objective is to treat the cancer patients with the help more than 300 clinical trials at major medical centers using compounds from Celgene.
  • The share price of Celgene Corp. as of 29 Sept 2015 is $105.34
  1. 4.      Gilead Sciences Inc.
  • Gilead Sciences is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that is engaged in discovering, developing and commercializing the medicines for specialize purpose or rare diseases.
  • Gilead is a specialized company which provides treatment to the patients having life threatening diseases around the world.
  • Gilead is also involved in the research for the treatment of diseases.
  • The share price of Gilead Sciences as of 29 Sept 2015 is $96.
  1. 5.      GlaxoSmithKline Plc
  • GlaxoSmithKline is a pharmaceutical and healthcare company which is solely based on research.
  • The company is engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical and consumer health-related products.
  •  Around 13,000 people work in research and development in search for new medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products.
  •  It is a well-known and a successful company.
  • The share price of GlaxoSmithKline as of 29 Sept 2015 is GBP 37.56.
  1. 6.      Lilly (Eli) & Co.
  • Eli Lilly is solely engaged in discovering, developing, manufacturing and marketing products in two business segments one is human pharmaceutical products and the other one is animal health products.
  • Lilly has a large variety of medicines of both of the segments which is famous around the world.
  • The share price of Lilly as of 29 Sept 2015 is $ 80.28
  1. 7.      Soligenix Inc.
  • Soligenix is a clinical level biopharmaceutical company that is mainly focused on developing products to treat serious life threatening diseases covering with all the respect of developing several biodefense vaccines and therapeutics.
  • The share price of Soligenix as of 29 Sept 2015 is $ 1.07


Emergent Bio-solution Company can be compared with several pharmaceutical companies available in the market, however in this analysis I have taken the three pharmaceutical companies which are most similar to the Emergent. Celgene Crop, Lilly (Eli) & Co and Gilead sciences Inc. are the companies which are similar to Emergent in terms of stock price as their stock prices are close to each other as compared to the other four pharmaceutical companies mentioned above, the stock price of these companies are not close to Emergent.Emergent Bio-solution (EBS) Case Solution

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