E+Co: Clean Energy Entrepreneurship Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

E+Co: Clean Energy Entrepreneurship

Opportunity Evaluation

            E+Co is an organization that provides energy and attracts local entrepreneurs in the developing countries and in the rural areas with business development services and investment capital. There was potential in the market because energy consumption was increasing day by day. E+Co was actively working in various developing countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. It constructed various global international projects to provide an opportunity to entrepreneurs for investment purpose and contribute in reducing energy wastage and manage the energy consumption efficiently and effectively. One of the big opportunities for the E+Co was the forecast of the World Energy Outlook of the International Energy Association (IEA) in 2004 that energy use would increase to 60 percent by 2030 and around two third of the growth was expected in the developing countries. In order to finance this, US $7 trillion would be used in the developing countries. This was a very good opportunity for E+Co so as to take benefit and to get a competitive advantage in the long term.

Implementation Strategies

            The goal of the E+Co was to effectively manage the wasted energy and efficiently utilize energy consumption factor in the best interest of entrepreneurs as well as of E+Co. Its strategy was to target the developing countries and rural areas in which buying power of the people was low. It was not necessary that they would get success in the long run because they were just focusing on the short-term basis in order to enter in the developing countries and rural areas to make a profit and search for the next destination. As far as entrepreneurs were concerned, they should be keener to know the consumption pattern of energy in the target regions and areas in order to successfully manage and design the policies according to the interest of the people in order to minimize the risk of energy wastage.


E+Co’s management target was to attract local entrepreneurs efficiently and effectively and to ensure them that there was an ample requirement of energy consumption in the developing countries and in the rural areas. If they open their plants, they would be the beneficiary of this increased consumption rate of energy on a long term basis. Another objective of the E+Co was to tell the local entrepreneurs the cheapest alternatives of the energy utilization like “Bio-Fuels” in order to minimize the cost factor. It is very important for a business to research about the energy consumption and energy wastage in the developing countries and to keep an eye on the forecast as well to implement while designing the policies for countries as per their energy consumption and buying power.................

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E+Co: Clean Energy Entrepreneurship

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