Emc2: Delivering Customer Centricity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


            EMC Corporation (EMC2) is a United States based firm that has been operating from Hopkinton, Massachusetts. The major services that have been offered by the company include the virtualization, cloud computing, data storage, analytics, information security. All the services that are being offered by the company are basically as assistance to protect the data.

            EMC2 has been a stock exchange listed company that has been listed since the year 1986. The major business dealings of EMC2 have been to target large and diverse organizations that have been operating worldwide. The total number of employees at the company is approximately 60,000. The CEO of the organization has been Joe Tucci who has held on to his post since the year 2001. Moreover, he holds the position of the chairman of the board of the directors (Thomas, 2011).

            The sales for the company has been a major success factor where the company EMC has been attracting major sales by attracting customers directly with the help of phone calls or the personal visits. EMC has been one of the leading firms in the data storage hardware and information management software company in the world. The major competitors for EMC2 are Hitachi, NetApp, IBM and HP.

            In spite of high prices, the company has still been able to generate ample revenues and has been competing quite extensively in the industry. However, in the recent past, the industry trends have changed and the customers who are the large multinational firms have looked for low priced products, therefore, the sales have recently reduced for the company EMC2.

Problem Statement

            The major problem or issues that have been identified in the case is the fact that the company EMC2 has relied too heavily on the customers to actually consult and coordinate with the sales team where it helps in the complex and the consultative buying process. Since the social media has risen and has become one of the most effective and efficient methods of reaching the potential customers where the purchase has also been an online medium (Thomas, 2011).

            Therefore, EMC2’s sales have decreased significantly because the company EMC2 has been more focused on interacting with the customers rather directly. This has been a major issue which EMC2 has been facing with the industry being more focused on the digital interactions. Therefore, the senior vice president, BJ Jenkins, of EMC2 has to resolve the major challenges faced by the firm and also look to maintain the element of being a customer centric company.

            The issues that need to be resolved by the firm translating EMC's platinum service levels, designed to appeal to the world's largest companies, to small businesses and B2C customers, 2) Moreover, the company has been developing and rather replacing the physical interaction with the digital interaction in the consultative selling process that shall affect EMC2 business, and finally, 3) to actually manage a VAR sales model that shall distance EMC2 from its customers (Thomas, 2011). 


As the case states, EMC2 which has been one of the most successful firms in the industry, it has had largest pool of customers and the sales have also been quite ample where the firm has been able to retain and sustain its profit margins.

            However, as the case indicates, the customers have become more price sensitive and have rather inclined towards the usage of digital media therefore, the company EMC2 has been under severe loss of profits to the rival firms in the market.Emc2 Delivering Customer Centricity Case Solution

Marketing Mix


The services that EMC2 has been offering to its clients include the following services:

      information security

      data storage


      cloud computing


            All the above mentioned products offered by EMC2 have been customer focus, high quality and with the element of providing the customers with utmost satisfaction. The services offered by EMC2 directly help the firm in helping business, customers to manage, store, protect and also analyze the data. The approach of the company has been to remain customer centric with all the services it shall offer to the clients.


            The price strategy that has been followed by EMC Corporation has been premium pricing. As the case states, EMC has been a company which looks to offer complete customer satisfaction, therefore it does not compromise on the prices it generally offers its clients which are large multinational organizations (Thomas, 2011)...............

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