Apple Inc. in 2015 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

By the ending of 2014, Apple Inc. made the most profitable quarter of any business organization in history, and its market position shortly topped $700 billion. 'Apple Inc in 2015' explores its ongoing increase under Tim Cook, the history of Apple, its successes under Jobs, along with the challenges facing the organization in 2015. With iPod sales continuing their freefall, tablet computer sales in fall, as well as the market share of Macintosh remaining small, Apple was continuously dependent on the iPhone to continue its growth.

Can Cook continue Apple Inc. dominating the Smartphone market while the rivalry is continuously growing? Could he replicate Apple's success in other apparatus categories, for example the Apple Watch which was the first new product the company had released in 2010, with Apple Pay, and revitalize the iPad business, become a leader in payments?

This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION



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Apple Inc. in 2015

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