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In January 2006, eClinicalWorks (ECW) had the opportunity to purchase that could fundamentally change the way they have done business with the company's inception in 1999. eClinicalWorks was a private business in the healthcare information technology field, which took in $ 25 million in revenue in 2005. Revenue for 2006 is expected to reach $ 40 million. This successful electronic medical record (EMR) company has grown due to its reliable software and responsive customer service. The company achieved this growth without the need for any external financing. The five founders of ECW, which refer to each other as an extended family, the equity capital invested sweat and hard work on the formation of ECW, as they wanted. They are also proud of the culture of the company, which de-emphasized the traditional hierarchy of the company, and encouraged independent thinking and cooperative working arrangements between departments. Preservation of private companies, according to them, helped them maintain this culture. The opportunity to purchase another EMR company offered ECW can quickly grow in the industry, which is estimated to take in more than $ 40 billion in total revenue in 2007. But this acquisition will require external funding of some sort. Was this the time to accelerate the pace of growth is ECW used to - to catch up, rather than anticipating how their customer base will be expanded? Or should they keep the same approach that worked so well in 1999? "Hide
by Robert F. Higgins, All Rennella Source: Harvard Business School 30 pages. Publication Date: December 22, 2006. Prod. #: 807025-PDF-ENG

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eClinicalWorks: The Paths to Growth

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