Echoing Green Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case presents the direction challenges that the president of Echoing Green, Cheryl Dorsey, confronts in early period of 2009. Echoing Green is a fellowship agenda that seeks to enhance society by identifying and supporting social entrepreneurs who establish organizations to attack some of the world's most challenging problems. After turning Echoing Green around and re-building an organization nearly from scratch over the last 7 years, Dorsey believes that Echoing Green is at a crossroads as it's facing much more opposition.

Adding to the Dorsey's challenges, in late 2008 the market is in crisis and many Echoing Green supporters are reducing or delaying their donations. In this situation, Dorsey has to determine whether, and if so, whether she is the ideal individual as well as the best way to change Echoing Green's strategy to continue to head the organization.


This is just an excerpt. This case is aboutĀ ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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