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Mexico Youth League, the Mexican head of Junior League International, was a civil society based on the promotion of voluntary work, the potential of women and improving the community. Tetra Pak has been a world leader in the production of multi-layer packaging. In the mid-1990s, part of urban waste, such as multi-layer packaging containers have not been processed in Mexico. Each month, Mexico City is one of 35 million containers of the type that took 35 years to disintegrate. In 1995, the two organizations have partnered to recycle the containers. They jointly launched a program called "Recycling in nature" and suggested that all parties benefit from the multi-layer packaging to join, thus sharing responsibility for their final disposal. The program included producers, marketers, consumers, and even the local administration. "Hide
by Gerardo Lozano, Angel Maas, Carlos Romero Source: Social Enterprise Knowledge Network 19 pages. Publication Date: July 25, 2003. Prod. #: SKS019-PDF-ENG

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Recyclable By Nature

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