The Very Good Hot Dog Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


These new products will be good for the People who are looking for some change with different flavors or people who are fond of eating and they need something that makes them energetic and give them the energy to move on, specifically when they are on some picnic or journey.

Social class:

Upper-upper class, Lower-upper, upper, middle and middle class.


The Very Good Hot Dog Company is a new product which have a range of several types of hot dogsis suitable for all kinds of occasions, youngsters and families.


Its availability will be make sure round the clock.

User Status:

Ex-user and potential user


Upon request of customers. (At least two pieces buying would be compulsory)

Points of Differentiation

The Very Good Hot Dog Company’sproduct is healthy, delicious and luscious in taste. It contains superior quality of different flavors. The addition of some exceptional new flavors makes it completely new product for all. These products contain original flavors that consumers can get from every piece. The company uses high technology for manufacturing to attain outstanding product quality.

Advertising Strategy

By advertisement company will create awareness about our brand presence in the town.

Pop up stands in the different stores, so that our product would be visible to customers.

Point of sales promotion, the company will make posters and make it available in different malls.

The company will promote the product through advertisement and public relations.

Enhance and create awareness of the brand among the target market through banners and Pamphlets.

Advertising Media

  • Via social networks Facebook and Twitter

The Very Good Hot Dog Company would have a separate Facebook and Twitter account (page). This would be updated on a daily basisor even on an hourly basis as required. This page will post the daily updated packages or deal offers which would help the company to bring the crowd in the restaurant. Moreover, this page will also answer the queries of customers like asking about deals, packages, prices and etc. there would be daily quiz game show on Facebook page to engage the audience and to get the maximum amount of likes. The winner of these quizzes would be getting vouchers for the restaurants.

  • Newspaper (broadsheet sized / display ads)

The Pocono Record is the one of the most famous newspaper in the Poconos Mountains. There would be a weekly print ad in the Pocono Record newspaper which would have a company logo and prices of hot dogs and soda. Moreover, this ad would also be having a picture of the dinning setup of The Very Good Hot Dog Company restaurant which would for sure attract the audience. Additionally the company would sponsor the blogs in the newspaper, twice in a week, which would help the company to increase the brand recall.

  • Magazine

The company will be posting ads in the Pocono Family Magazine and Pocono Living Magazine. This would enhance the brand image of the company and would also help them in engaging the foreigners and locals towards the restaurants.

  • Radio

Due to shortage of budget there would be a quarterly time check at the radio on a daily basis. This ad would clearly recall the name and location of the restaurant. WESS FM is broadcasted from the Borough of East Stroudsburg at a frequency of 90.3.

  • Additional Insights

Since this would be new entry to the area so brand positioning has a real role to play.  The Very Good Hot Dog Company believes that gaining success in business is all about satisfying a customer’s needs and wants, and we recognize that trust is earned over a long period of time by consistently delivering on our promises. The Very Good Hot Dog Company additionally believes that it is only possible to create long-term sustainable value if our behavior, strategies and operations also create value for the communities where we operate, for our business partners and of course, for our consumers. The company willalways focus on using excellent marketing strategies so that each and everybody could be targeted from all aspects.

Billboard Placement

There would only be a single billboard that would be placed on the top of the mountain range area having an aero as well which would be reflecting the direction of the restaurants. Due to the limited budget, it is really not possible to get more than a single billboardin this span of time..................................

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