Dunia Finance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Dunia Finance Case Study Solution


Ali Hurbas endeavors to make use of data removed in the Dunia information distribution center to decide potential clients, client lifetime value (CLV). Hurbas arrangements to use a spreadsheet model to judge Dunia's different blend offering exercises and also their viability in permitting the finest CLV.

Launching into as of now well served market is a challenge for any business, however to launch into the UAE money related market, which is cluttered as best during a period financial crisis that is an extremely intense recommendation. This was the situation with Dunia Finance LLC. The organization was set up to give a scope of money related services to individual and business clients, which include loans, credit cards, payroll solution and deposits.

Problem statement:

Hurbas is focusing on pitching the new products to customers and therefore, he believes cross-selling framework would help the organization to launch the new product and services in the competitive financial industry in the UAE market. Therefore, the company faces the challenge of bringing focus on new customers or cross-selling efforts to existing clients that satisfy the needs of investors.


Alternative 1: To promote products to new customers:


It shows the advantage of marketing to new customers in terms of promotion of the business, which would help to achieve the recognition and attention of the new customers. Along with this, it will help in improving the brand recognition across the wide target market. The business needs to spend money in order to improve the business profits and increasing the sales.


The first disadvantage is the cost of marketing, as the business will require more investment of time and money in order to get positive response from the customers.

Alternative 2: To promote the product to existing customers:


The effective marketing and product development rely on input from the existing customers, which would help in successful market strategy, which would provide the source of willing the satisfied customers that will test the new products and services and help in managing the development issues.


It might provide the benefits in terms of competition by getting new products and services in front of existing customers, and it may turn into a disadvantage that the competitors would come up with the same products by adding some new features. Along with this, it would require more time for personalization of products for the customers.

Dunia Finance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



It is recommended that Dunia Finance must choose alternative one that is to promote the new products and services to the new customers because the existing products are already satisfied therefore, the bank should focus on attracting new clients, which would help in identifying high value customers................

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