Diversity At Jpmorgan Chase: Right Is Good Enough For Me (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case Analysis

The case “Diversity at JP Morgan Chase: Right is good enough for me (A)” basically discusses the situation where the company JP Morgan hires Mark Settles in the company in 1994. He has been a positive recruitment in the company and in 13 years Settles has become the head of various fix income product teams at JP Morgan.

Moreover, during his stay at the company he went on to become the Managing Director at the company. In 2006, Settles received a call where he was informed about the initiation of Black Leadership Forum (BLF) at the company. After the initial meeting where Mark impressed everyone, he was made the diversity recruiting executive at JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPMC).

His task was to safeguard the rights of the minors in the company. Along with this, until the appointment of Mark Settles, most of the recruitment in the company was made by the respective departments. The hiring was done as per the requirements and colored people were not preferred.

However, once the recruitment diversity program was head by Mark Settles things were changed and the employees from different ethnic backgrounds were considered. More female workers, executives were also appointed in the firm.

His recruitment strategy was to build relationships, acknowledge people and provide the best in class customer experience. Based on his efforts, JP Morgan was able to hire highly experienced, talented and nontraditional employees. After many years of serving as the diversity recruitment executive, he has been thinking about the future directions for the program.

 Problem at the company

The major problem that has been identified in the case “Diversity at JP Morgan Chase: Right is good enough for me (A)” indicates that while the leadership of the company is while, the overall case explains the fact how the more competent leaders have introduced diversity hiring system to hire diverse talent for the future considerations.

However, in spite of the successful implementation of the plan within the company, the head of recruiting Mark Settles is wondering whether his efforts will change JP Morgan when he sees most of the male faces and white on the cover of the recent Fortune Magazine.


Based on the problem that has been identified in the case, the following alternatives can be considered by the company in order to become a successful in its diversity program. The first solution or the potential alternative shall be:

Involve female executives in hiring:

The first alternative for JP Morgan with the issue presented in the case shall be to involve female executives in the firing process. As for now, the company has been looking to involve more colored and also female executives; however the results have not been satisfying.

Therefore, in order to become successful, Settles should involve a bunch of females who can involve in hiring process. By doing so the company shall be able to fulfill its target of recruiting diverse population and minorities also. Along with this, another advantage of this solution is that the company will be able to balance it out. As for now, most of the employees are either white or males. With the induction of diversity program, JP Morgan shall have a broader spectrum.

The major drawback, however, with this alternative is that the women who shall come over as the hiring personnel they might end up being biased about females regardless of their expertise and talents.


Global hiring:

Since Mark Settles has been greatly involved with the diversity recruitment still the results have not been as per his likings, therefore, the second solution for him shall be to introduce global hiring at the company.

As for now, most of the hiring with the company is made with the country. If the company has to actually succeed with its plan of more black people and women empowerment, Settles need to hire employees and talented people outside the United States.

Moreover, by hiring individuals that are talented from outside the country it shall also be a favorable move because more cultural dimension will add to that of JP Morgan. This shall serve in favor of the firm.

The drawback of this alternative is that hiring outside the country will be a costly move. Moreover, the company will have to invest in training and development of the hired individuals to make them accustomed with the norms and culture of the company.............


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