Desm Cooperate Marketing Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

sustainingthe brand identity and brand value in the market, because in the absence of such unified platform , many business groups tends to move away from the business strategy, causing damage to the brand image.

Lastly, it enables the integrationof different business groups to align the resources and the business strategy which will enable each SBU to overcome the scarcity of certain resources and willalso allow the company to maintain a single brandstrategy in the market, developing strongbrandpositioningandbrand image in the market. (bluecanyon, 2010)

Put yourself in Adade's shoes.  Would you take the offer to become CMO?

Yes, I would have taken the job offer, as being a marketing savvy, it is always the aim of the person to design a corporate market strategy that is applied in the organization.Also, the position of CMO is quite visible in the market, which makes you an identifiablepersonnel in the company as well in the market, which creates more PR and links in the market, leading to themoresuccessful business relationship in future prospects.

Desm Cooperate Marketing Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Also, I would have taken the job because I would enable myself to apply all the learning and marketing techniqueswhich I haddeveloped and alwaysurged to apply in the organization.Being a marketing Savvy, it is always the aim of the personnel to design such strategies that lead to the success of the companyand thus becomes a success story.

Why did the new CMO hit a roadblock at the end of the first year?

Adade, thenewly appointed CMO hit the roadblock in the first year because of the following issues:

  • Since the companyfollowedtheindustrial culture, inculcating the standalone and individualstrategy for eachbusiness group, it became difficult for Adade to communicate and develop a uniformsingularbrand strategy due to resistance and threat of losingitsposition in the organizations.
  • Many businessheads took the CMO position as an offense and openly refused to accept the proposal of CMO and the newcorporate marketing strategy.
  • Also, many expatriatesand executives in the business group andSBUs, failed to understand the crux of the change in the organization, which ultimatelylead to low motivation and interest in the ongoing strategy and new marketing plan.
  • Since from the start, DSM offered independence authority to each of the business group to pursue its own organizational structure and organizationalpolicy; itbecame hard and difficult for Adade to bring all the business groups on a single organizational culture and organizationstructure. Theattempt to doso, developed strong resistance against the change in policyand created different segregated groups with no common communication channel thatcould have resolved the resentment and grudge of the business groups.
  • Lastly, the lack of communication channel also fired the change process, since eachgroupoperatedindependently, without communicating or discussing the issues or strategies with one mother, it developed ice between the main players of the business and thus createdstrongresistanceamong the members.

These issues lead to resistance in implementing the corporate marketing strategy which madeAdadeattentive to the upcoming storm that will not only hurt his position but will alsoaffectthe business performance and achievement of corporate goals in future.




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