Civil lawsuit procedures in poland Case Solution

1         Civil Lawsuit

            A civil lawsuit is a type of legal proceeding where one party entitles the other party to be liable for some legal obligation. Moreover, it can be said that the dispute among two parties where one party entitles the other for something wrong he is doing with the other party. The Civil lawsuit includes business or private disputes among two parties where one entitles the other to be legally responsible for the loss or mishap. Furthermore, the party which becomes successful in the case will be awarded for the compensation of loss held to him by the other party. (Law)

            Moreover, it can be said that a civil case includes a legal dispute among two parties where one party files a dispute or complaint to the legal, regulatory body and pays a legal fee. Afterward, if one person is not able to pay that fee he can request the regulator to hear it query through the public proceeding, finally, if the request is granted then the person will no longer have to pay the legal fee. (Court)

1.1         Types of Civil Lawsuit

            As far as the types of the civil lawsuit are concerned, it can be seen that there are several types of civil lawsuits across the world which are as follows (Association)

  • Failing to complete the contract
  • Fail to fulfill legal obligations
  • Property Disputes
  • Road Accidents
  • Business Disputes
  • Commercial Law disputes
  • Settlement Disputes

1.1.1        Failing to complete the Contract

      In this type of case two parties get committed to each other to fulfill their sides of agreement or contract to proceed further with the required actions. However, if one party fails to fulfill its side of contract, then the other may suit a file on it to complete the legal agreement. However, the basic requirement to sue the person is that the agreement should be a legal contract.

1.1.2        Fail to fulfill the legal obligations

      This is some similar type of the above case, however the basic difference is that in the case mentioned above the contract made between two parties on their mutual understanding and consent but in this type of agreement, the law restricts one person to fulfill his. her responsibilities otherwise the other party can sue him.

1.1.3        Property Disputes

      In this type of case, one party can sue another party for his/her rights in the property or there may be another dispute regarding the property however, there are several issues which fall in this category which includes transfer of property rights, giving share to legal heirs etc. E.g. one person promises to other that he will sell his house to him and transfer the proprietary rights to him, and then the person would beliable to transfer the rights otherwise the purchaser can sue him by showing the purchasing receipts and other related documents in the court.

2         Problem Statement

Now this was a basic introduction and a brief idea of what is a civil lawsuit and what are its several types, but the writer asked to evaluate the legal and civil lawsuit procedures and their characteristics in Poland and Russia.

 Moreover, the analyst also asked to differentiate the structure of civil lawsuit in both of the countries and to evaluate the pros and cons of the system in both the countries. Finally, the investigator has also been asked to evaluate the formal defects and limitations of these procedures for the mentioned regions.

Lastly, this study will provide legal evidence about the civil lawsuits and their structure in Poland and Russia, and the study will also evaluate that how these courts work on civil cases, what are the pros and cons of these procedures and what are the limitations. Conclusively,the study will evaluate the mentioned things and will provide legal considerations and recommendations for improving the system.....................

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