India 2014: The Challenges of Governance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

            India 2014: The Challenges of Governance Case Solution

Main Issues

Controlling population is becoming an immensely critical issue for the government of India as described by many authors. The case opens up by providing a brief introduction of the country and the situation that it is facing. The case describes the situation that the government encountered in the start of the year 2012.

It also describes the various issues that the country has been facing and the impact it has on the future growth of the country. Furthermore, it also sheds light on the issues of governance that the government will have to encounter due to issues that are surrounding the government and the country as whole. Thus, the case illustrates the key challenges faced by the government and describes and explains the impact of the issues that the government is facing that can cause hindrance in governing efficiently.
The case describes the situation of January 2012 when the government of India outlined three major objectives, which are subjected to be achieved in the long run. The three objectives are different however, they go in the same direction, which indicates that these objectives are inter-related and any hindrance or issue will impact each of them. This is the reason why the concern has increased.

The major objectives that the government has outlined for long run include enhancing the growth of the country and improving the growth rate significantly in order to achieve high growth. Secondly, the focus towards development is also there as the government wants to achieve comprehensive development.

Furthermore, the government is also aiming to improve the quality and standards of governance. However, the achievement of the above stated objectives seems challenging as the shadow of darkness revolves around these objectives. One of the prime concerns and the major issues is the population growth, which is growing significantly and becoming uncontrollable. Furthermore, the country is also surrounded with the challenge of economic slowdown and the economy has witnessed significant downfall in the recent years.

On the other hand, the country has been one of the growing economies in the world however, currently the inflation rate is growing rapidly and the inflation in the country is increasing. The high inflation is becoming a serious issue for the government and can be highly destructive for the growth of the country....................

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