Boblbee (E): Inventing The Urban Nomad Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1615 © 2006
Leleux; Benoit F.; Schwass; Joachim; Lindblom; Anna

This is the act on the integrative case IMD-3-1614. It informs the story of exactly what took place in between the years 1998 end 2004 with Boblbee. Patrik Bernstein needed to make some extreme profession options in order to pursue his dream to begin Spotlight and Boblbee.

The case likewise talks about the obstacles of releasing the business; consisting of individual concerns. The preliminary item placing and the underlying technique is referred to as well as the options made by the business and exactly what the effects for the future were. This case series was the 2006 EFMD award winner in the classification "Entrepreneurship"

Subjects: Integrative case; Entrepreneurship; Strategy; Innovation; Growth; Product design; Product positioning; Business model
Settings: Sweden; United States; Japan; Continental Europe; Sporting goods and apparel; Turnover 2003 $2.5 million; 1998- 2004

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Boblbee (E): Inventing The Urban Nomad

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