Deflategate and the National Football League Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

On the 18th of January there was a match between AFC Championship in which New England Patriots faced Indianapolis Colts.

In 2nd Quarter a pass was obstructed by Colts player from Patriots quarterback Tom Brandy. Colts technician raised the alarm as the ball pressure was way below standard requirement. Some were quick to comment that a lower pressure was providing a competitive advantage to some players. As the game reached half time of completion they made a conclusion that 11 out of 12 ball were facing lower pressure dilemma.This became known in the media as "Deflategate," and commissioned lawyer Ted Wells had to inquire whether the balls had been intentionally deflated. Wells' team, with skilled advisers, analyzed the temperature on game day air pressure data recorded by referees, the behavior of Patriots players, and other evidence. Did the Deflategate investigation disclose any real evidence of cheating? Where lied the flaws in Wells' investigation?

PUBLICATION DATE: September 21, 2015 PRODUCT #: 616008-HCB-ENG

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Deflategate and the National Football League

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