DeCopier Technologies, Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

DeCopier Technologies, Inc. Case Solution

Background of the case

The company, DeCopier Technologies, Inc. was established with the efforts of Sushil Bhatia. The idea of de-copying has emerged with the issue of environmental safety through the increase in the paper wastages, which acquires 54 percent of the landfills. The company has further developed by designing the de-copying technology. The company was initially founded as Imagex Technologies,Inc. in 1996. It was further developed as DeCopier Technologies, Inc. in 1998. The reason for amendment in the name was to build more equity towards the brand.

The purpose of the company was to recycle the papers that are wasted in offices, educational institutions, and on different uses in daily life. The company has developed machinery that included, which is used to remove the various kind of ink on the paper. The machinery can remove 40 various kinds of ink on the different type of papers and transparencies. Moreover, it has the efficiency of de-copying 60 papers in a minute. Hence, there were many opportunities for the company to cater different segments for the machinery. Moreover, the company requires the technological innovation at different stages just after the launch of the product, with the help of Research & Development.

DeCopier Technologies, Inc. tested several papers in the machine that de copied papers with high-resolution scanners and different methods of proprietary. Bhatia tested different papers from the offices and government confidential offices as well. The confidential government papers thus also have been tested in the machinery and the test has proved that there was no previous information printed on those confidential papers after the de copying process.

The machinery is beneficial for preventing environmental hazards on the planet caused by the increase in less landfill capacity. Formation of strategies in order to recycle or decopy the papers that can efficiently reduce paper wastage is a global need.

Issues faced by the company

The purpose of Bhatia was to establish the business, but the idea was generated for serving the Earth. Bhatia’s mission was to minimize wastage of the papers, which can save the landfills. Thus, Earth can be safe from the hazardous effects of landfills. The fluid that Bhatia tested was useful in removing the ink from the paper that was previously printed on the paper.  The papers that were thrown into the wastebaskets of the offices were now able to be safe in the recycle bins of the offices. Hence, through the de-copying process, the papers would be able to reuse. The papers would less become the part of the wastages.

This technology is a tremendous innovation by Bhatia. The company has developed the machinery and staff has started to build in the organization. Moreover, the company has researched and decided to cater the two major segments. One of these major segments is the confidential government offices. The papers from these offices were unsecured when they were thrown in the trash. The confidential information could be leaked when these papers get out of the government building. Hence, it was the requirement of the offices to decopy these papers. Through decopying of the papers, government offices would remain secure that important information did not to go out of the government offices.

The second segment of the market for the Decopying machinery was usual offices that want to be part of environmental safety. The employees of the offices who use to throw their papers into wastebaskets now will be able to throw these papers into recycle bin. Hence, they will be the beneficiary of decopying the papers that are used as office suppliers, come out from laser printers, or they are the result of photo state.

In addition, many countries in the world have less landfill capacity or no landfill capacity. For instance, countries like Hong Kong do not have possibility to landfill its wastages. In this scenario, Decopying Technologies, Inc. has the opportunity to target international segment and launch its product internationally. Hence, Bhatia is reluctant to cater which of the two target segments. This ambiguity has led towards ambiguity in the launching of the Decopying machine....................

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