Darcy Gallagher: Performance Coaching Discussion Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In this case, role playing games, you are the new general manager of Elmwood and scheduled a meeting with your direct report, Darcy Gallagher, who is the sales manager. Gallagher, who has been consistently rated as an exceptional performer in his career in the Elmwood, is allocated to business development, problem solving and customer focus, and provides good results. However, Gallagher has significant gaps in its leadership competencies and skills, in your opinion, it appears, does not exceed the current requirements of the job. Gallagher vaguely refer to managers it needs to improve its "soft skills", but did not follow him. For the proud, overrated manager like Gallagher, understand and accept the gap between perception and reality will not be easy pill to swallow. Gallagher, who believes that he has sponsors to higher ground, could challenge the authority of general manager. "Hide
by Jane M. Howell, Ken Mark Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 9 pages. Publication Date: January 20, 2011. Prod. #: W11004-PDF-ENG

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Darcy Gallagher: Performance Coaching Discussion

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