Cycle for Survival Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case illustrates the deadlock Katie Kotkins, director of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Care (MSKCC), is currently facing,due to the death of the prior founder anddirector of the MSKCC,from Sacora cancer, a rare type of cancer.Jen (the prior founder) of the foundation, established Cycle for Survival: asearch and patient care house that treats rare types of cancer.Jen started the campaign as a victim of one of these rare kinds of cancer, and adopted the activityofcycling to keep her fit and live long.She. incorporated her belief into doingsomethingbig. Jen and her husband David worked alongside for the cause.The foundation received tremendous feedback and donations which outnumbered the expected number of profits.The foundation, under the supervision of Jen and David, worked on different marketing and operational strategies to make the cause have a big impact on society. In doing so, MKSCC joinedhands with Equinox, to lay the foundation of “cycle for survival” a fundraisingprogram. In 2011, Jen left MSKCC, due to her illness and the new director has to comeup with a marketing strategy that could keep the momentum and pace of the momentalive. Also,a decision has to be made, whether to continue cycling as the core activity for fundraising or should other activities like swimming and running shall be included.

Cycle for Survival Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Cycle for Survival is a fundraising program, which conducts research and offers care to patients who face certain rare types of cancers, for which the treatment and medicationhas not been discovered yet.Thefoundation was founded by Jen, who herself had been avictim of a rare type of cancer. She took the initiative to serveother patientsand do something for hercounty, so they may not face the same issues that she had to.

Jen with her husband David, joined hands with MTSCC, a patient care unit, where she received her treatment, impressedby the performance and service of the unit, she took steps to join the care unit and started the Movement. She also createdjoint alliances with Equinox, a health-oriented fitness center to join hermovement. In doing so, Jen and David worked specifically on marketing and createdmultiple fields within the movement to attract a maximum number of donors.

In the initial years, the donors were nearly allthose who supported the remission of Jen, which eventually turned out to be popularamong those who supported the cause and what themovement stood for. Thecampaignstarted in 2007,under Jen’sleadership.

Jen has been an outstanding leader and focused on making the campaignsustainable andworthy enough to serve the purpose.In doing so, she continually marketed and interacted with different playersand also the victims toreduce different type of rare cancers and developedreaserch survey for them. In 2011, Jen left the company with the memories of heroutstanding leadership, motivational skills, which gathered the attention of many donor markets.

Kathie, the new director of the MKSCC, now has to devise a new strategic marketing plan, to carry the value of the Cycle for Survivalmovement along withmeeting the new challenges which have arisen due to the absence of Jen..................

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