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Curled Metal Inc. Engineered Products Division

Question 1

Customer Value Proposition 

Curled Metal Inc. introduced the new product with the Cushion Pad that is a key part of the process for the driving piles. This product delivers the benefits to the customers that are more than the manufacturing cost of the company in order to target audience. The customer value proposition for the new product of the Curled Metal Inc. includes the quality and reliability of the Cushion Pad that give it an advantage over the conventional pads.

curled metal inc case solution

curled metal inc case solution

Furthermore, development of the Cushion Pad also provides the value proposition of time saving as itincreased the efficiency of the driving as well as largely improved the resilience that enhance the performance of the driving pile. The use of cushion pads help the customersto avoid the shock of the hammer from damaging the pile in the process of driving piles.

Another value proposition of the Cushion Pad is that it enhance the safety of the driving pile. As by using the Cushion Pad in the pile driver less heat is produce during the piling procedures as compared to the conventional pads. Additionally, it also reduces the risk of initializing the process of driving piles that may occur during the time of pad changes and enhances the functionality and working quality of the driving pile.

However, the Cushion Pad in the pile driving process provides more benefits and values to its customers ascompared to the other alternatives that are available in the industry. Like initially in the process of driving piles hardwood blocks were used by the companies, but the performance of the hardwoodblocks were not satisfactory as well as their availability was also the problem. Whereasother alternative was the use of aluminum plate and Micarta slabs that need to be cut in order to fulfill the requirements for the pile driving process. The Cushion pad of the Curled Metal Inc. have an advantage over these alternatives as curled metal can be available in several metals such as Copper,Monel and Stainless Steel. In addition to this, it has also an advantage of withstanding almost any temperature or chemical that gives an additionalbenefit to the customers.

The sustainability of the Cushion pad of the Curled Metal Inc. is another value proposition for the customers as the Curled metal pads required less number of pads per set as compared to the conventional pads. Also, if required Curled metal pads are fully recyclable for the use and the time period that is required to change per set is also less tochange per set than the other alternative that are available in the market.

The Cushion pad of the Curled Metal never went more than the temperature 250 F and easy to handle as compared to the conventional pad temperature of 600 to 700 Fthat create difficulty for the customers when the set needs to replace. It also provides the customers with the benefit to efficiently use the energy without its lossin heat than the other conventional pads lost substantial energy in heat.

Anothervalue proposition provided by the Cushion pad of the Curled Metal is thesimplification of the pile driving process due to the ease of use. As, the one set of Curled Metal Cushion pads replaces the alternative blocks of aluminum and Micarta as well as the conventional pads that requires more number of sets. The Curled Metal Inc. new product appeared to account for 33% faster driving time that would result in significant savings for the customers. Furthermore, theCurled Metal Cushion pads contained no hazardous materials no potential dangers in the process of pile driving.

Question 2

Curled Metal Inc. firstly need to identify the target segment for their new product as well as their needs and wants in order to meet the expectations of the customers. Curled Metal Inc. should need to segment the customer base on their habits of purchasing and their level of spending per purchase. Furthermore,the company should focus on providing the customers more values as compared to the other alternative as this is the first step towards the development of the customer value proposition. The company may also target the Hammer manufactures, rentalcompanies and can direct sales to the contractors to provide the successful customer value proposition.

TheCurled Metal Inc. need to develop the new capabilities that focused on creating the customer focused strategies as well as strengthen the business operations in all over the company. Curled Metal Inc. should create the business processes that offer an outstanding level of customer service for the new product of the company in order to attract more audience. As it is important for the company in order to effectively launch the product and also to stay in the market. Also, Curled Metal need to develop the innovative, creative and effective decision making capabilities that would help the company successfully deliver their product to meet the requirements of the customers.....................

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Curled Metal Company to reduce sales, but has developed a new product (curled metal pads Koper), in field tests, to deliver customer benefits, which are many times the cost of production CMI. Joseph Fernandez and Rajiv Sanval Engineering Department of CMI products is responsible for developing a strategy for a new product. A key issue is the price to charge for pillows. The case raises questions about the analysis of the market potential, the alignment of prices with the business strategy and the impact of prices on the development and implementation of integrated strategic options. "Hide
by Benson P. Shapiro, Frank V. Cespedes Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 14 pages. Publication Date: 02 Oct 2008. Prod. #: 709434-PDF-ENG

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