Evolution of the Xbox Supply Chain Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In November 2005, Microsoft has been prepared for the global launch of the next-generation gaming console, Xbox 360. Microsoft original Xbox was introduced a year after the Playstation Sony, but the system will beat the next generation of Sony to the market by a substantial amount. It would also play an important role in the future strategy of Microsoft, with a home entertainment system is regarded as a major growth opportunity. Describes the evolution of console gaming and the evolution of Xbox, both the design and manufacturing perspective. Solutions for the original Microsoft Xbox supply chain are described, together with the changes in the supply chain that have been made for the Xbox 360. Asks questions about the motivation for the change in the supply chain, the risks and benefits of a global, not a regional start-up and use of contract manufacturers. Prepares students for a discussion of how the supply chain should be developed to support the changing business strategy. "Hide
by Hau Lee, David W. Hoyt, Chuck Holloway Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 13 pages. Publication date: April 14, 2006. Prod. #: GS49-PDF-ENG

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Evolution of the Xbox Supply Chain

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