Cosan: Thinking Outside the Barrel Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

To optimize their efficiency, colour cases must be printed in colour. The Cosan case introduces and company strategy and students and executive education participants in the biofuels industry. Cosan is the biggest grower and processor of sugarcane on earth, and the largest sugar and ethanol producer in Brazil; it is also the world's biggest exporter of ethanol for vehicle fuels.

He needs to consider whether, and how aggressively, to expand abroad, either with production facilities or by exporting Brazilian outcome. He must also decide the vertical structure that is proper for the company: whether he should be involved extensively in agriculture, processing, distribution, or retail. The solutions to these questions depend on the governmental institutions that will impact the distribution of value along the value chain, and on his views of the future of the industry.

PUBLICATION DATE: October 15, 2009 PRODUCT #: 710017-HCC-ENG

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Cosan: Thinking Outside the Barrel

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