Compensation Analysis Project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Compensation Analysis Project Case Study Solution

Walmart’s Job Description, Duties, and Salary for Customer Service Manager:

Walmart’s job advertisement for the customer service manager looks same as in the picture below. Walmart is looking for the most experienced retail workers for this position. The retail workers who are looking for the great early career opportunities are encouraged to apply for this position.

This position offers a full scope of advantages, and the employed candidate would normally work with different individuals. Underneath, the applicants will cover the Walmart Client Care Chief set of working responsibilities, with a glance of essential duties allocated for this position and other valuable subtleties for potential candidates, for example, Walmart Client Assistant Administrator compensation and work hours(Job Descriptions, 2019).

The Walmart Client Care Chief has the fundamental obligation of guaranteeing that clients are happy and are having the best shopping experience at Walmart.

At this position, the capacity to perform multiple tasks successfully will be vital. This experts should likewise feel good in showing others how multiple tasks could be managed and done, and the purpose of understanding the significance of discussing the tasks related issues consistently with the partners in their team.

Job Duties:

The job duties of the Customer Service Officer at Walmart, includes the following:

  • Establishment of base line customer’s satisfaction level by reviewing the reports.
  • Reviewing the complaints of the customers by contacting them and resolving the issues that these customers have faced.
  • Encouraging the positive working environment for other employees and setting an example.
  • Responsibilities include the management of staff levels for the customer service counters as well as other important areas of the organization and its stores.
  • To ensure that the associates are trained adequately and are well-aware of the current procedures
  • Ensure the fulfilling of cashier’s responsibility accordingly, and filling the register appropriately, and be able to assign the cashier responsibility to other associates when you get too busy.
  • Along with all the above responsibilities, the customer service officer should be able to manage all other front end operations.

Working Hours of Customer Service Manager:

The job description of the Customer Service Manager of Walmart includes the implications of the action to work at least 40 hours every week. At times, Client Support Administrators at Walmart may fill in upwards of 50 hours per week. Furthermore, there are additional compulsory extra time desires for the enormous workload days of the year, so the availability of time is a pivotal requirement for this position.

In addition to this, top business periods can expand the normal hour necessities further. This is especially normal from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Likewise, Client Care Chiefs typically pivot their days of work marginally and work early mornings, evenings, and overnights.

Analysis of Compensation at Walmart:

The normal Walmart Associate gains 9.70 dollars every hour across the country, and this per hour rate has been utilized for figuring the week by week Associate work cost of 209,520 dollars for 540 Associates. For 89 Supervisors and Managers at a normal pace of 11.68 dollars every hour, the expense for a 40 hour week is 41,580 dollars. Taking the week by week Associate work cost of 209,520 dollars and increasing by 52 weeks yields, anannual figure for Associate compensations of 10,895,040 dollars, with an additional 2,162,201 dollars for the yearly pay rates of Supervisors and Directors have been calculated.

Walmart’s pay plan depends on the inside value remuneration approach. In inside value based pay, association remunerates or repays the representatives genuinely as per the overall estimation of their occupations inside the association. Then again, showcase based remuneration is a technique for using market pay information for assessing the association’s compensation level and afterwards choosing the pay of representatives. Walmart gives reasonable pay to its representatives depending on their exhibition and commitment to the organization, in order to draw in and sustain the capable workers. Likewise, Walmart directs the yearly audit of the organization’s presentation of executives and workers for remunerating them. Walmart considers a few factors, for example, abilities level, the endeavors, obligation and working state of representatives, while repaying them. The organization centers around inside value based pay to give reasonable pay to the board, administrators, and workers. Inner value based pay urges the workers to perform well, who are further motivated with an increment commitment,which helps Walmart to be contended in the market.(Business Management, 2019).

Pay Policy:

Compensation Based Policy:

In competency based compensation, the association pays its workers based on their aptitudes, information, limit, and conducts, as opposed to the position they hold. It is a compelling way to address the hierarchical needs to inspire the representatives and bolster the authoritative techniques. Walmart utilizes a competency based way of thinking to analyze the occupations or executions of its workers by utilizing the work assessment factors, for example, exertion, ability, and duty. As per this framework, Walmart pays reward to the workers on people based, for example, their capacity to perform assignments. Competency based compensation framework urges the workers to turn into a high achievers who can help Walmart to develop and improve its presentation. In this framework, representatives must apply certain aptitudes and competencies that could be valuable for accomplishing the key objectives.(Brain Mass, 2019).

Compensation Based on Individual Performance:

Walmart can exclude group execution segments into the competency based compensation framework since organization theory depends on the singular compensation execution related framework. The way of thinking of Walmart’s pay framework depends on the individual abilities that how they perform work rather than groups. So, it has been recommended to Walmart that it should introduce the individual performance based compensation rather than focus group based compensation…………..


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