Wyoff and China – LuQuan: Negotiating a Joint Venture (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Through joint negotiations have stalled enterprise Wyoff Pennsylvania-based corporation and Jina-based Sino-Luquan, strategic and cross-cultural issues, the talks are considered as from the U.S. and Chinese perspectives. Wyoff, a leading U.S. chemical company has been seeking ways to ensure the support of the emerging markets in China, beginning in the late 90's. When they reached China-Luquan in 2000, the major Chinese state-owned chemical products for the joint venture opportunity to make a popular catalyst for chemicals in China, Wyoff, using its advanced technology, demanded unilateral rules and played hard, destroying both the transaction and the relationship with China Luquan. Seven years later, in 2007, Wyoff face market pressure to again seek a joint venture with China Luquan on two other products. Both sides had to overcome past distrust to work things out on a number of strategic issues: investment, product mix, marketing, technology, management, organization, personnel, and so on in the negotiations, cross-cultural issues (eg, trust, relationships, communication, runtime, face, etc.) and different negotiation styles created problems with the business and strategic issues. (A) case sets of negotiations, highlights issue impasses, explores cross-cultural tensions, and presents operational challenges. (B) case describes the strategy, tactics, and the results of these negotiations. "Hide
by James K. Sebenius, Chen (Jason), Qian Source: Harvard Business School 24 pages. Publication Date: January 25, 2008. Prod. #: 908046-PDF-ENG

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Wyoff and China – LuQuan: Negotiating a Joint Venture (A)

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