Comfort Class Transport: Does Customer Service Need an Overhaul Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Description of the Performance Issue

Chauffeured Limousine Transport is operating quite successfully in providing customer with quality in operations but the general manager of the company is concerned with a major issue that the company is facing and is expected to hinder to performance of the company. The company has been rated high by its clients in regards to the service provided by the drivers and the quality of the cars but the issue is associated with customer service call center of the company.

The general manager is highly concerned with the continuous under performance of the call center and is under real consideration to resolve this issue as the under performance of the call center will bring significant decline in the sales of the company and will put a serious slog in the customer base. However, the capacity of the call center is the major issue and the concerning point as the call center has only eight people who are responsible to interact with the customers and handle all the interactions with the current and the prospective customers.

These eight people are assigned with the tasks to interact with the prospective customers and make them aware of the services of the company. Apart from that, these people are also scheduling the pick-ups and also guide the customers about the pricing along with providing pricing as well. On the other hand, these call center representatives also confirm all the appointments and also deal with the customers regarding the billing inquiries.

With these multiple set of responsibilities, it becomes difficult for the representatives to respond effectively to every customer and on time as well. This is the reason why the customers have started complaining about long waiting time that is require to contact with the customer service representatives and have also identified the issue of  call getting abounded. This is resulting in serious customer satisfaction issues with the call center and is also hinting to cannibalize the customer satisfaction the company has achieved through the fleet of vehicles and the drivers.

Therefore, the general manager is seriously concerned about this issue as this issue will lead to other major issues and the consequences will be drastic. The poor performance of the customer service call center will hurt the company’s expansion plan and will limit the company’s opportunities regarding expanding into new and attractive markets. Thus, the major stakeholders of the company are looking forward to the general manager to come up with an attractive solution towards this issue and after examining the importance of customer service in the business develop an attractive and sustainable action plan for the proposed solution.

Description of Data Collection

Since the issue is regarding customer satisfaction and is associated with the call center, which is why the survey approach and one on one interview will be used to collect data. The customers and the call center representatives will be involved in this process and will be interviewed and survey in order to collect data. The reason to approach the customers through a survey approach is that the customers are the major stakeholders and the issue is regarding their satisfaction.

Therefore, their opinion and views are important to collect in order to identify the key areas that are leading to dissatisfaction and the also to identify the other issues that the customers have experienced besides long waiting time and abandoning of calls. The customers are important to address and their opinion is vital to gain an in-depth knowledge about the issue and their expectations are also important to acknowledge. The survey approach will help in asking customer different question about the company and will also incorporate about the overall performance of the company.

The survey will help in seeking the opinions of the customer regarding the overall performance of the company and also the performance of the call center. On the other hand, the survey approach will also guide in assessing the expected performance of the company. Thus, seeking previous data and the customer response the gap between the actual and desired performance will be identified and analyzed.

Comfort Class Transport Does Customer Service Need an Overhaul Case Solution

On the other hand, the prime customers or the loyal customers will be called for one on one interviews in order to gain more appropriate knowledge about the decline in the performance as the association of such customers is old and can be more transient. Apart from that, the call center representatives will be interviewed as well in order to identify the issues they are facing in managing the customers and the reasons that are leading to the issues identified..................

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