Coca Cola Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Promotion Plan Using AIDA


The particular message of this theme is to create awareness among the consumers and to change the perception of the consumers that Diet Coke is their need to overcome the obesity which has surrounded the entire nation. According to the OECD, 27.6% of American citizens are found with obesity problems in the year 2013, and has predicted that these values are most likely to increase in future if drastic measures are not taken by the authorities (Flegal, Kit, Orpana&Graubard, 2013). Till 2013, approximately 120,000 deaths have taken place in the due to the obesity problems. Therefore, the company needs to highlight the growing concerns of the country and in doing so, the company would require heavy investment in creating awareness that their problems lie in only one solution which is to consume Diet Coke to prevent obesity and other diseases. The promotion medium that shall be used in generating awareness is TV commercials, sponsorships, hospital advertisements, Below the Line activity to maintain face to face interaction and the use of outdoor advertisement by using hoardings and billboards to generate attraction among the consumers (Huang&Sarigöllü, 2012).


However, the consumer does not necessarily consume a product after getting information regarding the product or the different benefits the product portrays. The company needs to maintain interest by involving consumers in performing different tasks. These tasks could include marketing campaigns using different renowned doctors to setup a treatment center to treat obese people and to generate awareness of the harmful effects of obesity and things that could reduce the particular disorder. Another example could be done by using media campaigns by setting up temporary medical centers to treat obese people while forming alliance with doctors and other medical staff. The message of the particular theme is to remove the negative perceptions of harmful effect caused by Diet Coke through the enforcement of medical staff and renowned doctors by exposing the formula and ingredients used by the company.


Desire provides an idea of how the customers would get rid of the obesity problems through the consumption of Diet Coke. This part is highly related to the Interest part of AIDA which shall state the positive strengths of Diet Coke and the presence of such ingredients that could create obesity to decrease. The company shall apply the concept and thinking of the inception of Coke brand as a medicinal purpose which is aimed at reducing headache. This strategy would allow customers to really think about the company’s ability and the ability of the product to perform magic. The promotional plan related to the particular concept would be creating a science related documentary that would first highlight the origin of Coca Cola as a medicinal company and then highlights the chemical reactions that can cause the reduction of obesity in the citizens of the United States. These documentaries would run in schools, hospitals, other educational institutes, and in cinemas. Free CDs shall be distributed in the promotion of the brand.


The successful action plan would lead customers to the nearest departmental or a supermarket to purchase the product. However, the long term strategy of Coca Cola has been focused upon providing easy access to customers in using their product. Therefore, the company shall also place vending machines and Diet Coke outlet in medical centers, educational institutes, every streets and corners in order to create medical awareness of the product and to change the perception of its customers that the Diet Coke product is not just safe and healthy, but it also prevents people from severe disorders of obesity and overweight problems.

Promotion Budget and Implementation

Objective 1: Create Awareness

The first objective of the company is to create awareness of the harmful effects of obesity and the causes of obesity that could increase the chance of death amongst people. The task in achieving the desired objective would require the aid of media advertisement which includes all ATL activities involved. This strategy may allow making contracts and agreements with the medical institutes to help in spreading the message of reducing obesity.

Objective 2: Changing Consumer Perception

The first and the second objectives are similar in nature, but the first objective aims at achieving the short term goals and target and it is also a short term strategy, however, the second objective is perceived to be a long term strategy and it requires a lengthy time period in order to fully develop the concept of promotion and changing the perception of customers.............................

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