Dream More and Pay Less Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Clust is a French group-buying website. Instead of sales to consumers, Clust sells aggregate consumer demand producers. Thus, beyond the usual act of choosing among predefined options, customers must bring their own requirements and to create new product ideas, to discuss and support the ideas of others to encourage their friends to join Clust community as well as to monitor the efforts of the team Clust purchase. In fact, Clust has no inventory beyond the warehouse to arrange delivery. No product will be on sale until enough supporters to support him, and 5% -40% discount on the retail price can be provided. After starting a very interesting strategy, web site comes breathlessness. Two paths are set out (focus on group buying and good deals versus focus on building consumer and exclusives) with sufficient information to support decision making and to evaluate the profitability of the concept of consistency. "Hide
by Luke Wathieu Source: Harvard Business School 16 pages. Publication Date: November 22, 2000. Prod. # 501 047-PDF-ENG Dream More and Pay Less Case Solution Other Similar Case Solutions like Dream More and Pay Less

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