Establishing an “ECL” Culture in China: Organizational Difference or National Difference Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Identification

The major problem that has been identified in the case “Establishing an "ECL" Culture in China: Organizational Difference or National Difference?” is the fact that Electronic Communications Limited (ECL) has actually decided to make China as the second home for the company and therefore it is looking to seek common prosperity for the local Chinese people.

Moreover, the company knows the fact that to achieve this target, the company will achieve success, however, and it shall also bear the challenges and risk that shall come along the way. The one major issue that shall come as a hurdle for the company is the issue of cultural differences (Gilbert, 2001).

Therefore, the company and its management have to actually decide whether it shall implement the ECL global management policies for the Chinese market, or should it devise and develop strategies that shall be specific to the Chinese culture.

Along with this, the major problems within the case even include the communication skills important at the team level which needs to be resolved. The communication planning at the team level is also an issue that needs to be resolved within the firm while entering China. Finally, the company has to even negotiate the cross-cultural skills at the team level (Gilbert, 2001).

Situation Analysis

Problem: 01

Communication skills important at the team level

It is a fact that the most important issue that has been identified in the case is regarding the cultural issues which is the prime problem identified in the case. Since ECL is a western world company, therefore, while entering in the Chinese market it has been facing quite a few issues related to various aspects, but specifically related to cultural differences. Therefore, ECL like all other companies entering foreign markets is facing similar situation entering the Chinese market.

Communication Style

In this regard, the first and the foremost issue which the management has to resolve is the fact the communication skills have to be looked after in an acute manner at the team level. As the case states, the communication style in China has been different to that of the Western world. In China, the communication method is rather indirect and the organizations rely on indirect communication (Engleberg, 2013).

The preferred style of the Chinese people is indirect. This therefore, indicates that the Chinese are not used to direct criticism and confrontation. Moreover, the Chinese partners do not like “no”. It actually builds in the negative impact on the relationships. Therefore, the expatriate emphasizes upon the fact that while dealing with the Chinese partners’ one has to deal in a rather sensitive manner.

Personal Development

Moreover, another different amongst the Western employees and the Chinese counterparts has been the difference among the two business concepts. In the Western world the management style in the companies tend to favor those employees at the managerial positions and posts who are good and effective with the personal development.

Employees in this part of the world are promoted to the managerial position based upon their man management skills and people management skills. Over here, the employees with limited technical skills are also promoted to the managerial positions (Mente, 2003).

As compared to the Chinese companies, they tend to favor the technical expertise and problem solving skills related to the technical feature and aspect of business are considered more important. Chinese promote people to the managerial positions who are effective and efficient with the technical expertise (Lewicki, R. 2010).

Therefore, this is also a major difference amongst the way employees are looked in the Western and the Chinese market and the management styles are entirely different too. The communication skills at the team levels are rather different and based upon entirely different business methods (Engleberg, 2013).Establishing an ECL Culture in China Organizational Difference or National Difference Case Solution

Reliance on systems

Along with this, another major difference in the management style is the fact that the Chinese employees look to delegate more authority to the employees. They look to follow the decentralized organizational structure where decision making lies upon the employees to speed up the process.

In contrast to the Western world, the management style over there emphasized upon the fact that the decision making should be central. It should be more management oriented and direct. The decisions should therefore be made by the management and the senior hierarchy and imposed upon the subordinates (lon, 2003)....................

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