CloudCo Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Concentrated Targeting

CloudCo should target the customers through concentrated targeting. The reason or the logic behind opting for this approach is that it basically focuses on selecting defined market or a niche on which all marketing efforts are exerted and implemented. In this scenario, as the case states too, the company is not an old commodity and people do not really prefer CloudCo because of its lack of market penetration. Since, the company will be specifically target concentrated regarding its targeting strategy; hence, it can further enhance its performance and sales for the preceding years such as 2014 and 2015. As the case also states, the company should focus on a niche market rather than penetrating at all levels and within all companies because of the strong competition among different competitors. Therefore, the ideal situation of target market can be concentrated targeting where the company can handle further decisions.


The company CloudCo that is a cloud computing company should look to position the brand as a complete solution provider. Over here, the company should not make itself to accommodate all different markets, in fact the most feasible or ideal situation is to position it in a niche market. The reason that it should be catering the needs initially at a specific market is because of the lack of financial strength of the company. Customers should be given a strong foundation where they can meet customer goals, requirements and expectation. Compelling positioning includes a decent understanding of contending products and the benefits that are looked for by your target market. It additionally obliges you to recognize a differential playing point with which it will convey the obliged benefits to the market viably against the competition. Business ought to expect to characterize themselves in the eyes of their customers with respect to their competition. Keeping all the above facts in view, the position of the company should be to fulfill needs of small customers and service acquirers in the first stage of the business development.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Generic Strategies- Differentiation

The product level strategy of CloudCo is differentiation.  A differentiation strategy is appropriate where the target client segment is not a price sensitive one, the business sector is focused or saturated that has specific clients, which have particular needs and are potentially under-served, and the firm has special assets and capacities which empower it to fulfill these needs in ways that are hard to duplicate. These can incorporate licenses or other Intellectual Property (IP) and novel specialized ability. The company offers high quality and innovative IT solutions with four different services to attract business clients. These services are different to what the industry offers to clients. These services include offers hosting, consulting, custom development and a catalogue of application offered in SaaS mode. The company has been quite focused to offer differentiated services to the customers through unique services. They have been competing in the industry with products services that are entirely based where clients comes first. This approach of the company has made it grow rapidly in the industry amongst competitors who have been a part of the industry for a long time. Although, this strategy is costly and services are highly priced as compared to the competitors but they are of better quality and as per the international standards and the requirements of the industry. Therefore, CloudCo moving forward in the cloud computing industry should remain committed at providing differentiated products and services that are of international standards.

Main Clients

The main clients for CloudCo are the service industry customers or the clients. The clients that are potential customers for acquiring the support and services of CloudCo are banks, manufacturing firms, service industry clients and the public segments. Basically, these are the main clients because ultimately these are the customers who can actually benefit from the services offered by CloudCo. Along with this, other customers for the company and its services can be a solution provider for customers who are looking for consulting services for business consultation and support.

The ideal clients or customers for CloudCo are the companies and firms who are ready to install the complete solution rapidly and quickly with the support of its local consultants. CloudCo can be of great support for similar services industry players and businesses that are looking for rapid, quick and easy solution for their cloud computing needs and requirements. Some other customers for CloudCo can be the small companies who are looking for innovative solutions for their non-core needs such as the social media network and the CRM. To fulfill the customer requirements and description, CloudCo can be of great support..........................................

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