Circles: Lifecycle of a New Venture Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the tenth year of its business, Circles' co-founders, Janet Kraus and Kathy Sherbrooke, completed a successful exit for the company. They worked closely together for many years, building a company in its early leading provider of concierge services, with more than $ 40 million in annual revenues. In preparing the company for the exit, the two not only had to pack a business for sale, but also to prepare ourselves for the next stage of their career. Sherbrooke to upgrade to a corporate role with the buyer, Sodexho, as CEO of laps, and Kraus would take the lead early in the company, Spire, mugs additional income. The transition would not be just one for the company, but also one for their relationship as co-founders and true business partners. "Hide
by Garth Saloner, Jim Ellis, Amanda Silverman Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 27 pages. Publication Date: April 28, 2008. Prod. #: E298-PDF-ENG

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Circles: Lifecycle of a New Venture

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