Softbank- Data Leak Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Softbank- Data Leak Case Solution

Statement of objective

The objective of the management of Softbank in this case, since there is data leak incident has occurred that has affected the business of the company, is to examine the root cause of such an incident. The goal of the management is to analyze the situation and take corrective measures to avoid such an incident in the future.

Root Problem

The root problem in this case that has been identified forms the case is that the company has focused on the growth and sales increment and has given less consideration to the system update and security measures. Softbank has been a successful company and has rapidly growing customers, but the technology and systems have not been updated at the same pace. The company has not given due importance to the personal data protection and has not recognized that the personal information is the asset of the company and should be protected with due care. From the case fact, it is confirmed that the breach is done using the company’s system of remote access to database accounts.


There are few alternatives which might provide guidelines in identifying the appropriate solution to the problem and implications of each of solution methods.

If the company holds its current position and continue its operations without addressing this massive problem. Then the company will probably lose its current business growth and competitiveness. The company might face several consequences in the face of legal data protection allegations from public authorities as well the loss of customer loyalty. The company will lose the business prospect. The outcome of such status quo or holding the same position can be avoided only in the case, where the company accepts its mistake and implement required measures. The ideal solution is to make enhancement in the security system and place controls and procedures in the management and access of private data. The company should implement data management system and should have effective physical and software-based security system. The access to the database should be restricted to few core personnel and would have real-time and periodic automatic update system. A controlled environment should be observed in the overall company’s operations.


It is recommended to the management that it should revise its strategic policies and gives equal weight age to the privacy and personal data protection. The company’s senior management has fiduciary relationship to its stakeholders. The company has rapid business growth and should have similar growth in the management of the increasing privacy data. There should be internal control and procedures as well as regular updating of these security systems and limited access to the employees of the company with proper access keys and logs data. An independent privacy protection and database management team should be made that designs, implement and monitor such activities.........................

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