China Aviation Oil (C): Oil on Troubled Waters Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The three parts of China Aviation Oil (CAO) case series documents overseas adventure - the rise, fall and subsequent reconstruction and recovery - a leading Chinese state-owned enterprise in the last ten years or so. Case is designed to address the issues in an integrative manner often face (1) increasing the number of Chinese leaders are now in the international arena, and (2) the Western leaders who have experience working with Chinese companies and Chinese leaders, or who would like to do so - either in China or its market. There have been many cases of multinational corporations in China, where cultural differences have been charged for something that does not work on things that were not understood, or even frustration when working with Chinese companies and Chinese leaders. However, the real question is: Are we aware of other differences, such as financial and legal? Do we understand them and, perhaps more importantly, how we can work with them? Case series describes the first international restructuring of public Chinese company. As such, it provides participants with a completely different angle, looking at the dilemma of dealing with China: How to make it work outside of China from the Chinese perspective. Learning objectives: case series was designed to allow participants to get a clear idea of ​​some of the general issues, including: 1) the strategic considerations of the Chinese company wishing to expand abroad, and key success factors. 2) the fact that many of the factors affecting the failure similar and equally applicable to different business conditions - although the types of failures can be different. 3) the need to be open - the "rules" are different inside and outside of China. 4) the need to raise awareness and better understanding of differences - financial, legal, cultural and even moral. 5) the need to work with the differences, rather than avoid them. "Hide
by Stuart Hamilton, Jinxuan (Ann) Zhang Source: IMD 39 pages. Publication Date: 08 Oct 2007. Prod. #: IMD349-PDF-ENG

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China Aviation Oil (C): Oil on Troubled Waters

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