Leadership Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case illustrates the challenges faced by the xyz, a spun off company of shanghai-based private equity European bank. The company has grown tremendously over the period of time and has created a substantive position in the markets. Though it has long seen the success through managing people and other leadership tactics, the company faces the issues in managing the right people at the right time with right resources, the major lacking resource time, which is short in hand and in creating issues in managing people by the manager of the xyz partners. In addition, it has been identified that there is a dual; role paly in the organization by each manager, one as a team player and one as the director. However, the efficiency in one role compensates the performance of the other role.There are basically three roles played by each of the xyz players in the market, one as dealmaker, second as manager for the new employees and third as the leaders in the businesses. These three roles require great time and efforts to manage them all simultaneously and thus, creates hurdles in managing the effectiveness and efficiency of each domain of the business and sustainability.

Keywords:  leadership, management, competitive edge

Leadership Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Also, the managing and administrative jobs such as managing training of the new staff and guiding on the principals requires ample amount of time due to extensive training plans. Hence, it creates the hindrance in playing a crucial role of consultant as the dealmaker, affecting the operations. Perhaps since offering the consultant services at the large scale requires substantive teamwork and alliance internally, both these domains require the team to manage each role simultaneously, hence, making the operations.

Another issue the company or the partners face is the reluctance of the clients to deal with new hires while pursuing investment decisions. This creates great resistance in the system as it burdens the managers/leaders with additional work, making the roles compromised at a certain point and time. Such reluctance may be due to the new face and delicate matter of money. Also, in the consulting business, the loyalty

towards one consultant remains high which ultimately restricts the entry of many other consultants in that realm, creating issues for the senior consultants. In addition, it is presumed that seniority accounts for more accurate decision making, many clients based on past experiences to switch to the other new consultants, resulting in substantive workload.

In addition to these external issues, performance management is another issue in the xyz partner firms. Since the role of the manager requires it to address the loopholes and create team synergy so as to improve the performance all together, the performance feedback system and its adherence and implications are not well perceived in the organization. Such can deduce from the implication resulting in form of negative feedback. The majorissue that the organization faces is to create such a culture or system that absorbs the negative feedback as a way of improvement and not offenses, developing such relationship with the team requires endless effort for the leaders to simultaneously gauge and understand the behavior at work, this gain sticks to the issues of managing people and the role of leadership within the organizations...............

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