Cheating and NASCAR: Whos at the Wheel Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This article goes on a trip to NASCAR, the National Association of Stock Car Racing, take a close look at why cheating occurs within the organization. Two arguments lead article, namely, that NASCAR (1) may not be able to stop cheating especially in the current environment, and (2) might not want or be motivated to stop fraud. Obstacles complicates efforts NASCAR, to stop fraud include longstanding culture of unethical behavior in the stock car racing, and inconsistent imposition of penalties for NASCAR, which drivers and race teams are perceived as favoritism and unfair treatment. Yellow flags that raise caution include pressure of unwavering fans, and the tensions between innovation and maintenance of parity between the teams. Proposed solutions include changing the culture in society NASCAR, and the development of ethical role models, each of which will require serious action executives NASCAR, to signal the importance of ethical behavior. Other key stakeholders, such as sponsors and fans must create incentives and rewards for ethical behavior, and consider reducing or stopping support for the drivers and teams that are involved in unethical behavior. Our analysis and recommendations are widely used, because NASCAR is the archetype of a large organization trying to reduce fraud and unethical behavior. "Hide
by Melissa S Baucus, Wilhelm I. Norton, Jr., Beth Davis-Šrámek, William Meek Source: Business Horizons 11 pages. Publication Date: September 15, 2008. Prod. #: BH290-PDF-ENG

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Cheating and NASCAR: Whos at the Wheel

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