Changing Patterns of International Competition Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

That international competition mean for competitive strategy? Although there is ample literature on the problems of the multinational, the specific strategic needs of established multinationals require more careful consideration in light of the increasingly competitive international environment. We must distinguish between multidomestic industries and sectors in the world economy. If U.S. firms to catch up with the Japanese, they must strive to achieve a global platform, and not to compete for one country to another. Global strategy requires the firm to balance the configuration and coordination of its activities, so that the comparative and competitive advantage is achieved. Increasing globalization of the international competition requires policy measures that overcome limitations of the country. "Hide
by Michael E. Porter Source: California Management Review 32 pages. Publication Date: 01 Oct 1986. Prod. #: CMR011-PDF-ENG

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Changing Patterns of International Competition

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