Game Store Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Game Store Case Solution

Internal branding

Game Store has been a successful business engaged in the business of retail, dominating the merchandise retail discount sector and providing services to its customers since it was established in 1970.Through hard work and determination, today it has made a mark on the market by securing good brand image where it is recognized as the best household name in South Africa. Game Store has a wide variety of products including plastic ware, kitchenware, small appliances, TV, Hi-fi Audio-Video system and outdoor products. The steps Game Store took to make its internal brand a recognized success are as follows:

 The first step that Game took was to identify its key leadership and managers that would help the organization to achieve its organizational goals. One of their responsibilities will be to provide education and training to the employees of the organization as well as its customers regarding the brand image which the organization wants to achieve.Moreover, the leaders and managers will design, formulate and implement strategies that will benefit the company in its brand adoption polices and training. The company used these effective strategies to provide training that can be instituted as well as will educate the employees inall aspects of the brand so that they can share the story of their brand with their department internally and to the customers externally.

The second step it took was that it developed value with the company. In order to increase the overall brand image of the company by providing the customers with a fun experience of shopping that helped the company in building excitement for its brand within the customers and provided the employees with context of the brand that they themselves could understand. Game Store launched its brands externally by using advertising campaigns while developing a creative theme of pink within all of its stores to provide its customers with a fun experience, and this in turn inspired the customers and the potential customers of the company as well as created a buzz around South Africa.

The third step that Game took was to reinforce the values and core beliefs of the organization in the people of South Africa. It advertised its mission statement of providing “more for less” and that at “Game, you Always win” through print media, radio and television and radio. Moreover, it also gave its employees mandatory training by conducting brand training sessions to clearly define the brand image that the company wants to achieve and what the company stands for so that the employees can play their part when representing the brand.

The fourth and final step, which Game Store took after considering all of the above was that it continuously promoted its brand both internally within the organization by advertising their brand in each of their stores as well as externally, which, in turn, allowed the company to gain competitive advantage over its competitors and to attain this position which it has attained over the years.

Brand Equity

Management of an organization’s brand equity is important for any organization when it operates its business from sales or services provided to its customers. The real value that the brand holds for the product or services that it provides to its customers is represented by the measurement of its brand equity. Critical business outcomes are widely dependent on the brand equity of a company hence, measuring brand equity of a company is considered important. This is because the company possesses strong brand equity as it improve the sales and market share of the company as well as its products are perceived differently in the market and it has strong loyalty of the customers.Furthermore, the company holds larger margin and is better equipped to fend off any price wars in the market. In addition to this, the company is also supporting its brands growth. Following are the ways through which Game Store could measure and manage its brand equity....................

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