Change Management Course Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Change Management Course Case Study Solution

The authors have pointed out these boundaries and argue that it is critical to incorporate having an effect on the definitions of the change readiness to build, and also while measuring this to build. They then develop a multilayer framework, which identifies the forefather and outcomes of individual, work group, and organizational change readiness. Next, the authors outline the theoretical processes, which lead towards the improvement of individual and collective change readiness.

They then evaluate theoretical and empirical proof, to perceive the forefather of change readiness atthree degrees of analysis. Finally, the authors have become aware of a number of guidelines, to guide destiny research searching for adopting a multilevel technique to change readiness.

Lou Gerstner on corporate reinvention and values

The case is about the CEO of IBM: Lou Gerstner, who gave a new direction to IBM, which was important for the company to survive in this competitive market. Under the supervision of Lou Gerstner; IBM’s new strategy was to regain the advantage of using the processes and culture. The CEO: Lou, came to know about the main problem which the company was facing at that time, i.e. dis-integration. In 1993, all the separate computing technologies were emerging into one, in order to have synergy benefit. But, IBM was operating in a dis-integration, which pushed it towards loss incurrence.

In one of his interviews, he said that “ IBM is full of smart people, he didn’t need anyone from outside. He needs to find these talented individuals from within the organization, they are those who are ready to turn the change around.”

He gave turnaround to the company, from dis-integration to integration. He changed the corporate culture and united them to work under one umbrella, instead of working separately. IBM will deliver the complete IT solutions to its customers, as the customers are interested in the solution, notin knowing how the company ran it.

He moved the proprieties of the IBM from propriety standard to open standard, because customers wanted solutions not how the organization is run. The united culture helped IBM’s strategy to speed up and have effectiveness in its operation, which the company was lacking before.

Psychological Safety and Learning Behavior in Work Teams

This case is about Psychological Safety and Learning Behavior in Work Teams and the Psychology of Coaching Teams are difficult areas to handle. Both must be addressed if you want to improve your overall success. It is even more difficult for coaches, because of the inherent conflict within a team working. There is conflict between the coach and the team member. The inability of the team member to feel safe in the workplace-there are many factors that contribute to this, but in the case of a new team member, it often has to do with feeling intimidated or threatened by others, by himself, or by circumstances. When someone feels this way, their sense of personal security is affected.

Psychologists are concerned with the needs of employees. Working with a group of people is part of the job. For a psychologist, working with employees creates stress, challenges, and conflict. That creates tension between different personalities within a group.

What's suggestions about behavior change? There is no one way to teach an employee, there is no one method that works. But there are recommendations from the work team psychologist about how a person can learn to better control behavior, conflict resolution skills. When an employee fails to understand the group dynamics at work that is going to affect the employee's performance. So the group psychologist will teach the employee how to remain engaged in the group when it does not make sense. Sometimes the group might need to discuss it, but in some cases the employee might need to go it alone.

Psychological safety has been described as an ongoing, ongoing process. It is never accomplished right away. Each group that is created, there is always something new to learn and discover.......................................


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