Challenge the Boss or Stand Down Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Challenge the Boss or Stand Down Case Solution

Answer no 1

Frank’s good communication skills with Tom

  • Frank realized Tom that he is a good marketer but he just need to control his attitude.


Frank made a good gesture by saying that Tom is a good marketer but he also made him realized that he also fulfill all of his work on time and made submission on time which was positive signal from Frank.

  • Frank told that he has over 20 years of experience and he thinks that the company will grow with the existing services.


He told Tom that his experience told him that the company wouldgrow since he has been working in the industry for 20 years and he also saw the Peaks and downfalls of the companies.

Frank’s Bad Communication skills with Tom

  • Frank interjected Tom in public and showed that he was scolding him to put his attention towards his region.


Frank misbehaved with Tom and this puta burden of responsibilities on him to put a Kiosk in every hotel and rental cars, which was not a n easy task. Frank state dour company’s investors have invested heavy amount in our systems so it’s a guarantee that we’ll not beout of competition.

  • Frank sentan email to Shannon (VP Division) telling her that Tom’s behavior with Frank is not professional. After this email, Frank also warned Tom that next time he will do something more dangerous.


If Tomshowed nonprofessional attitude then complaining to the higher authority is also a non-professional act. Also, he warned Tom that he will not send email next time he will do more dangerous thing. He also told him that Tom’s behavior was bad and he thinking that he was the only one who ha sthe ability to work as a marketer.

  • Frank told that he will keep closer look on Tom’s performance and if he found something negative then Tom would be terminated.In addition,he told him that he was out of the project of software development.


All of the above mentioned statements were said by Frank in anger and possessiveness and this made Tom feel like a loser and Frank also told him clearly that he would observe Tom’s acts, which are not a part of professional etiquettes. Also, Frank told him that if he found any information from the accounts executives that Tom was traveling unnecessary, then the results would be dangerous.

Answer no 2

Tom’s good communication skills with Frank

  • Tom argued that his attitude is not negative as he just want to make the company’s services better.


Tom showed his expertise by identifying market threats that the company was faced by bench marking on the company’s technological performance as per the changing pace of the market. He also said that he just wanted the company’s services to be as per the requirements of the customers........................

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