Cementos Lima: Laying the Foundations of Social Responsibility Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cementos Lima SA, a leading organization in the Peruvian sector of cement, with 44% of the national market share and a growing presence in some international markets. In parallel with the growth of the company, settlements grew up in the areas adjacent to the cement plant. As time goes by, neighboring communities have come to literally surround Cementos Lima SA and developed a complex relationship with the company. On the one hand, people in those areas directly affected by the industrial company that produce a negative impact on the environment. On the other hand, these same people to benefit from the social initiatives of the company over time. As social action organizations began to develop with the dismembered and mostly charitable practices against attempts at a more formal and effective projects in the community, "tipping point" is to focus management company. This situation generated by the company's plans for growth in exports, which means that the physical expansion of its activities and, as a consequence, a greater impact on the surrounding community due to an increase in traffic flow of raw materials and finished products. To meet the needs of their new vehicles, the company has planned two major projects. Both projects require the approval of neighboring communities as part of the authorization process established by the municipal authorities. In the face of reluctance among neighboring communities to the approval of these projects, the company began to reconsider the way they have been managing public relations and it is important that these relationships have in achieving its strategic goals. "Hide
by Felipe Portocarrero, Cynthia Sanborn, Elsa Del Castillo, Chavez March Source: Social Enterprise Knowledge Network 4 pages. Publication Date: July 3, 2006. Prod. #: SKE079-PDF-ENG

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Cementos Lima: Laying the Foundations of Social Responsibility

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