Celeritas, Inc.: Leadership Challenges in a Fast-Growth Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Celeritas, Inc.: Leadership Challenges in a Fast-Growth Industry Case Solution


Celeritas was one of the most successful companies in the field of enterprise business solutions, which provided a vast variety of system solutions to its clienteles. It was considered as top most innovative company,and had a first mover advantage of introducing the new way of technologies in the particular market. However, due to its success, most of the contribution was done by the organizational structure, which the company had since the past few years, and as a result, it led to the top companies under high structural environment with competent forces in every division.

After the critical evaluation of the company’s success, it was analyzed that due to change in the organizational structure and management, Celer it s faced an intense pressure from the management where the chairmen, Philp Boyer, was concerned regarding the change in the overall company’s decisions and concluded that an organizational development consultant should be hired in order to address and overcome the issues as soon as possible. So for that, Resse was appointed as a lead organizational consultant, who had to analyze the major issues concerned by the lack of management behavior and decision making power, which would worsen the situation of the organization and as a result, the company may lose its position as the top player in the industry. Therefore,the issues were based on lack of communication of senior vice-presidents, not looking towards the company’s vision and mission, poor coordination among the divisions and lack of decision making due to autonomous issues. Thus,under these issues, Resse was considering handling in a formal meeting where all the vice presidents would be invited. However,, the meeting was not successful due to the lack of communication among the members, which created a hostile situation and nothing was achieved from the meeting. Hence,it is concluded that Boyer took a lot of stress about how to overcome these issues. Therefore, the case indicates that in order to improve the performance of the company as it was in the past. Therefore, question arises as to what would be the changes required in order to properly make the decision as well as to increase the team work among all the divisional heads.

Leadership theories associated with the case

Under certain issues discussed in this case, it has been analyzed that there are various leadership theories which can be applied for this case and thus, it would help the management to implement in a proper way in order to overcome the highlighted issues. These theories are given below:

Action Centered Leadership

This theory was implemented by Adair Back during the early 1973. It consists of the importance of goals and individuals within a given project. Moreover, it has three elements which would help to implement in the case of Celeritas. The first element is to accomplish the task which is to focus on the objective of the given project, after which comes the empowerment of the individuals which is the competency level of each member for achieving the project and lastly, building a particular team of the selected competent people which would enable them to work collaboratively in order to achieve the desired outcome. Thus, if there is a lack of communication among individuals, then building a team is a waste of time.

Tannenbaum-Schmidt Leadership Continuum 

The second type of leadership theory for the related case is implementing the Tannenbaum-Schmidt Leadership Continuum, which would further split into two functions. The first one is determining the effective manager-oriented leadership that is related to the chairperson of the company, which shows that how these leaders make a proper decision in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of controls as well as to satisfy all the participants under their leadership. Thus, if this theory would be properly implemented, then the organization would achieve its desired results....................

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