The Woodburn Graphics, Inc: Securing the Corporate Network case Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Woodburn Graphics, Inc: Securing the Corporate Network case Solution 


Woodburn Graphics, Inc. is a part of the technology industry, which specifically deals with the software and hardware sector of this industry as well as the company also develops application software for the website. Due to the industry’s nature, the major assets of the company are information and people (employees and non-employees, like customer and investors|). Nowadays, Wood burn Graphics faces some problem especially hacking and having lack of information and in this casethe management of the company took come steps to overcome from this problem. The detailed explain nation is carried forward by answering the case question.

 Question: 01

Secure the corporate network: 

The internet policy for the employee of the company is very essential to a company. The internet is vital for a company. Nevertheless, wasting time will lead to security issues or create legal annoyance to the company. A well thought internet policy can help the management of the company to take pleasure in the benefits of the internet while reducing the risk and threads of the internet which comes toward the company. It would ensure the employees to use the internet easily efficiently and manage the procedures by keeping control on the risk and threats toward the company’s assets.

The main constituent to include in the internet policy is as follows:

On the basis of the nature of the company’s business, the management of the company should follow the standard rules of the industry in which it is operating. An example of this could be the rules of the internet (how much internet would be used as well as in what way), as well as the management of the company must have full information of the assets of the company such as software, software application as well as hardware and people.

Company Systems with Internet Use:

The management of the company should allow the partial internet service or full to its employees. On the basis of normal industries, the company can prohibit the in-competent sites as well as unrelated sites (as these sites carry the virus which affects system as well as system files) according to the work of the business for employees to use. They can take the counseling from an expert or from their broadband provider. Moreover, employees will restrict to use the company’s assets (computer and internet access) for their personal use.

Furthermore, the management can also achieve its goal by providing training to its employees on how to use professional software or application’s services, what the company’s internet guiding principle states and why guiding principles is an important matter.It should also make sure that the employees follow the procedures by protecting the business by using the firewall and security software, as well as the management should consider limiting the ability of the employees to amend the case.The. company should set rules about whether the personnel may not use their own devices on the company’s network systems, and they should be encourage using online tools and apps, which can help the staff of the company with the whole thing from collaborating to continuing focused.

Employees and information assets:

It is recommended to the company to protect its equipment's of the internal operating servers, which can be hacked and manipulated by the employees of the company. In this case,the management of the company should hire honest and sincere employees for the company. In addition to this, the management of the company should arrange such program so that the loyalty of the employees remains at peak. In this way, the employees of the company will consider themselves as apart of the company. Likewise, they will never try to threat the information assets of the company. On the other hand, the management of the company would be able to protect people’s (employees of the company) asset of the company in an effective way......................

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