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Balance Score Card Case Study Solution 

Balance Score Card

Balance Score Card


Comparing the company’s T-Mobile Samsung S3 Gear, it has been identified that low durability is experienced on the company’s product with higher price. On the other hand, its competitor, Sprint, is selling the same product in lower price with higher durability. As a result, company is existing under the head of moderate durability with higher price. However, playing different strategies would help the company to develop higher durability with lower price.


This perpetual map is defining the comparison between Verizon Company with T-Mobil based on Galaxy J3 Prime. It has been analyzed that with moderate features, T-Mobile is selling its products in low price. Moreover, currently, T-Mobile Company is facilitating its customers with little obsolete technology but with moderate pricing. On the other hand, Verizon J3 Prime is possessing new and advanced features with slightly higher prices compared to T-Mobile. Therefore, in future, company would be facilitating its customers with advanced features but with same product pricing.
Objectives of the company:
The main objectives of the company is to increase its profitability. Moreover, the company also wants to achieve higher customer satisfaction which would be determined by better reviews received by its customers. Therefore, in order to achieve these objectives, company would have to develop few strategies. Following are the strategies that would be developed by the company:
Changing supply chain management of the company, most importantly, the raw material provider.
The company would be investing in high developed technologies which will increase the quality and durability of the product.
In order to sell at lower price, company would fire some of its employees that will decrease the cost per product
Evaluation of strategies:
By changing supply chain of the company, higher cost would be implemented by the company,. As a result, the price per product would be increased further, which may result in greater prices and dissatisfaction of customers. Moreover, it is obvious that company would be making better supply chain policies in the future, it is a risk.
The company can make investment in developed technologies as it will help the company to decrease its operating cost in the future. For current situation, the cost might be greater, but in future it will facilitate company with reduced cost and better product quality
By firing employees, company could lose some main human resources, which might result in further reduced quality of the product. In addition, despite of decrease in cost, it may work oppositely and price of the product might increase further.
Recommendation and implementation
By analyzing different strategies that can be implemented by the company, company is recommended to work upon second alternative, which is investing in advanced technologies as it will provide promising future results of the company. Moreover, it will help the company to reduce its product cost efficiently, such as the time and quality will also be better.
In order to implement this strategy, company should enquire about the technology that is available to competitors. Moreover the quality of advanced technology should also be tested and enquired..................

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