Zintro, Inc. – Hiring a Management Team Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Zintro, Inc. - Hiring a Management Team Case Solution

Zintro, Stuart Lewtan's 2nd start-up, simply finished a round of funding that was meant to money a reconstruct of the website's interface and supply Lewtan the money had to work with a top-notch senior control team. However the hiring procedure had actually not been simple, advising Lewtan that hiring quality staff members was effort. However, he discovered 2 prospects he was thrilled about, however each included their own problems. His option for CTO got much more than one frustrating referral, and the individual he had actually wished to work with for vice president of marketing might have misguided Lewtan on his work history. Would Lewtan need to begin with fresh start in the hiring procedure, or could he make these 2 prospects deal with a high level of self-confidence?

Knowing Objective

The knowing goal of the case is to assist trainees browse through 2 extremely nuanced circumstances including working with a crucial administration staff member. In the very first, trainees learn more about the significance of extensive, quality recommendations to veterinarian a prospect, with the class conversation targeted at strolling them through the numerous kinds of referrals to get and the concerns to ask. The 2nd situation assists trainees assess a sticky scenario where a good friend with a strong credibility has actually plainly misrepresented his work history, without straight-out lying. How should Lewtan manage this and is the prospect's action a warning of future misstatements?

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Zintro, Inc. – Hiring a Management Team

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