Care group Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Care group Case Study Solution


The case introduces a group of health care professional (Care group), engaged and dedicated in providing health care service to a vast variety of patients residing in the area of Massachusetts. The health care service group was formed in October 1996, through the merger of three hospitals namely The Beth Israel Hospital, Deaconess Hospitals and the mount Auburn hospital. All three hospitals were located physically adjacent one another and merge in to one hospital. In which their entire departments were merged and head by one individual.

Problem Statement

The main issue illustrated in the case, pertain to the ineffective management of its IT infrastructure and management system. Which caused its IT system in 2002, to crash for four days causing havoc, and a state of panic in its operation.

Information and Assumption

The IT infrastructure and network management system of Care group was out of date, and specs and the It system was integrated in increments after the merger.While giving user the right to make any changes in the network as they see fit, and there was a lack of expert staff to monitor the proper functionality of the network.


An effective IT infrastructure and network management system was necessary for the success of an organization, and support it in reducing its cost while gaining a competitive edge over the competitors.However, Caregroup’s IT infrastructure and network management system was out of date and specs.Along with this, lacked the capabilities to properly integrate with its various departments, and facilities operating in the market. It also lacked the talented and expert staff needed to properly run its IT system. Similarly, the network was highly complex, and the smaller networks were added one by one after the merger.Without taking proper and necessary steps to effectively integrate the smaller networks with its main network.Causing the system to become out of specs and the group kept inefficient back-up management systems.


It was recommended that, the group should use lean six sigma techniques so that it could improve its IT services, and better manage its IT resources. While gaining optimum benefit from their IT function, which would automatically detect changes in it and monitor its IT infrastructure constantly.Additionally, it could hire expert staff to effectively monitor the proper functionality of their IT system.

Care group Harvard Case Solution & Analysis




Implement SAP ERP, which would bring ease in its operations using its Modules nut, it could require a significant amount of investment to effectively implement. Furthermore, it could implement big Data management, with Back-up & restore facilities, enabling the group to maintain all its IT related data in an online server or big data platform.So that it could be used crises situations, crashes or Collapses, and continues its operations properly without interruptions. However, maintaining a big data platform or Backup server is costly, where sometime it’s difficult to justify the costs, when the market or groups operations are going relatively stable.............................

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