Canadian Armed Forces Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Canadian Armed Forces Case Solution


The case explains the technique utilized by Oerlikon Buhrle to purpose the agreement for the brand-new short-range air defence system for the Canadian Forces. In specific, the case explains how the business articulated its deal, and exactly what arguments it stressed if you want to be 'list' then chosen by the Canadian Federal government. The case format permits different groups of individuals to function play different celebrations: Oerlikon-Buhrle, the Canadian Army, the Canadian Aerospace Market and Canada's Ministry for Regional Economic Advancement.


Pedagogical Goals:

The case could be utilized to show marketing principles in the context of a complicated system sale to a federal government, stressing client cooperation, user orientation, and the understanding of acquiring choices. The case can likewise be utilized to evaluate the function of Oerlikon's effective shift from being an anti-aircraft weapon provider to ending up being a rocket system integrator.

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published: 01 Jun 1994
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