Strategic Direction at (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis was desperate. Early participant in the market of voice portals, Quack quickly running out of money. The management team of the company has just returned from a road show for a second round of venture financing, but they were not successful. To exacerbate this problem, the two main competitors were Quack each received significant funding. At the current rate of burn, Quack could survive on its bridge financing for only three months. In addition, after the first few months of the voice portal, business-to-consumer model Quack for voice portals is already showing signs of weakness. Management charlatan believes that the failure of its road show can be attributed to its B2C focus. The company has been facing many important decisions that will change and dictate the future of the company. The case concerns the possible variants of the new strategic direction. "Hide
by Kenneth J. Hardy, Amy J. Hillman, Benji Shomair Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 16 pages. Publication Date: February 27, 2002. Prod. # 902A03-PDF-ENG

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Strategic Direction at (A)

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