Café Xaragua Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A pupil entrepreneur realized the potential for economic development in a nation that was rich in specific resources and almost unexplored by the private sector, while on a trip to Haiti. The entrepreneur determined on coffee as a business opportunity and he and his three partners imported their very first burlap sack. By November 2011 the merchandise was for sale - a premium coffee from Southeastern Haiti with a brand focused on helping the redevelopment and sustainability of the Haitian coffee business.

cafe xaragua case solution

cafe xaragua case solution

Following success was matched by the product, the entrepreneur and his associates were ready to make an additional investment. They considered that a cafe focused on their particular brand of Haitian coffee would be a good way to create sales and further develop their product offering before pursuing a grocery store strategy. Nevertheless, they also knew that such an investment would be insecure.


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Café Xaragua

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