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Business Continuity Planning Case Solution

Literature Review

What is business continuity planning?

A business continuity plan is a strategy and an action plan that highlights important guidelines and follows up strategies for the management of the organization in case the business runs into extreme circumstances and events that are unfavorable for the business to operate and continue its operations or services.
This plan is a set of guidelines for the management of the organization and various department heads and it is also communicated and coordinated to the grass root level among the employees and the workforce of the company in order to increase the awareness of the employees of the company regarding what to do in case such circumstances (although they are a rarity and often do not occur at all) arise (Tasneem, 2014).
This allows the business to continue working smoothly and continuously even when the situation gets tough and the environment of the country where the business operates does not remain feasible at all. Therefore, it is necessary that the business is prepared in advance regarding such circumstances as it will enable it to preserve and sustain itself and its interests. There are several types of emergencies that may arise in a workplace or in the environment as a whole where the business exists, which may hamper its activities and pose serious challenges for the organization.


A good and comprehensive business plan covers all the basics and the primary priorities of the business that it wants to sustain and protect in case any unforeseen event or issue occurs within the premises or activities of the business. It is the responsibility of the management of the business to realize and highlight such functions and features of the business that are primary to sustain and assist the operations of the organization in the business continuity plan of the organization and alsoit is likely to differ from business to business and industry to industry. These functions should be represented in the plan and coordinated at the lowest management levels of the organization structure so that these systems must be looked after and sustained at all possible costs to the business. Generally a comprehensive business continuity plan of an organization should include the following details:
• Details and contacts of the employee`s
• Details and information regarding the suppliers and vendors.
• Important contacts.
• Details of primary business functions.
• Recovery reserved locations.
• Copies of instrumental records.
• Important phone numbers for the organization.
• Details regarding important supplies.
• Inventory and assets of the company like equipment, machinery, machinery parts and transportation vehicles of the organization.
• Inventory and backup equipment of the company`s computers.
• List and details about communication venues.
• Disaster response and management plan/policy


The most critical and the already witnessed events that have affected businesses in the past are mentioned below:
• Natural disasters.
• Terrorist attack.
• Political and economic instability.....................

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