Building a Women’s Hospital in Coimbatore, India Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case relates an entrepreneurial attempt by Dr. M. Govindarajan and her son Jay Govindarajan to build a high quality hospital focused on women's well-being in Coimbatore, a mid-sized metropolitan in India. Regardless of its current economic enlargement, India persists as a lower-middle-income nation with a deprived state of health care for most of its people. The entrepreneurs abandon their first desire to target low income women, as it proves to be economically unviable.

Their focus shifts to higher-income women. With no success in raising capital, the family devotes almost all its affluence in the new undertaking. A chance gathering leads Jay to introduce a fertility clinic in a adjoining city to bring in earnings with plans to open more such practices in several other cities. Dr. Govindarajan articulates a curiosity in opening a blood bank and a dedicated ambulance service. The case concludes in June 2011 with the hospital aperture delayed by numerous months. In response, Jay contemplates getting a costly machine based on a brand new technology to gain a competitive edge. Should he purchase this machine? Given the bigger contextual changes in the economy and also the health care sector, what other decisions should he make?


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Building a Women’s Hospital in Coimbatore, India

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